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Initial Consultation

Let’s disc your need. What are you looking to accomplish? How do you wish to accomplish that?

(1 hour)

1-Hour Power Coaching

High-performing professionals and executives are so busy that they may not be able to commit to a long-term executive coaching engagement at certain points in their career. Fortunately, it is possible to benefit in important ways from a very brief (even 1-session) coaching process. SMN Square, Inc has learned that ONE highly powerful conversation often can help people to shift their perspective, embrace positive new ways of thinking, and commit to implementing new strategies for success immediately.
In some cases, we’ve learned this lesson in the course of discussing the prospect of coaching with someone inquiring about our professional services. It’s been astonishing to see that just that single conversation sometimes has led the person to amazing insights and a commitment to making major changes in their professional and personal lives. Some of those individuals have been so pleased with the conversation that they didn’t feel the need to hire us or any another coach or consultant at all. Others have decided to build on the power of that first conversation by entering into a longer term coaching engagement with SMN Square, in which they continue to develop their leadership skills, grow their businesses, and feel more fulfilled in their careers
SMN Square is sensitive to how busy you are and how important it is to identify and implement new strategies ASAP. We are available to have this powerful conversation (up to 1 hour) in person, over the telephone, or via Skype video conferencing.

(1 hour)
$ 250.00

Individualized Coaching

Our main executive coaching program begins with a 360-degree assessment that provides invaluable feedback regarding the executive’s effectiveness and how others perceive them. Using the results of this assessment, coach and client will co-create a development plan that will become the road map for the upcoming months. (4-6months)
When SMN Square works with a company’s leaders, the impact can be felt throughout the organization. If you want to change your company for the better, start at the top of the pyramid!

Want to advance your sector, whether it’s nonprofit, faith based or private business? Want to stand out in your organization’s/business’ leadership?

(6 hours)
$ 1,250.00